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Cmagic5 at the Vogue Studio recording cover song

Toronto, Ontario based singer-songwriter, Cmagic5 the up and rising new pop star with a fresh sound having some fun in the studio singing some cover songs of our fav Idol Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus.

It was a blast creating the set with Margo from oudalovaevents What goes on in her creative mind just blows me away every single time.

I just had to say the word of what the mood was and she got straight to work creating this abstract design with the chairs intertwining with each other barricading part of the studio.

Bravo Margo, Bravo! With the intro having her hide and the owner locking up, she was somewhat a prisoner inside the studio with a full stage conveniently there.

Check out this upbeat cover video that doesn't just stay stagnate on a tripod

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